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To Make A Clear Diagnosis of Kidney Disease, Renal Biopsy Is No Longer the Only Way

Referring to nephritis, we usually think of glomerulonephritis. Because for the majority of renal patients, the location of lesion is glomerulus. There are two main manifestations of glomerular more

When Your GFR Is 33, Does It Mean You Are Close to Stage 4 CKD

Question: When your GFR number is 33, does that mean you are close to stage 4 kidney disease? Answer: According to GFR, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is classified into five stages. In stage 3 kidney more

Urine self test, some normal sign may be fatal

Have you suffer from this: you have to go to toilet before sleep even you had just went; back to it after 2 minutes, and fell there are much urine, but then, it shows a little. You may feel more

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