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Under 9 Conditions, Kidney Patients Should Have Bed Rest

For kidney patients, it is often suggested to have a good rest and avoid over fatigue. That is because there are indeed many patients whose condition gets relapse or worse after undertaking heavy more

How Long Can You Live with Kidney Disease

Before we discuss this topic, lets review the index of glomerular filtration rate (GFR). This figure refers to the volume of raw urine that the two kidneys filter out of the blood in about one minute, more

5 Types of Kidney Diseases Are Self-Healing

Kidney disease is dangerous and difficult to treat. And once it develops to kidney failure, treatment costs will be very expensive, which puts a great burden on the minds of the patients. However, the more

These 3 Kinds of Kidney Disease Are the Most Easily Cured

These 3 kinds of kidney disease are the most easily cured, but some patients often leave them alone and let them to develop into kidney failure and uremia. For some renal patients, they can detect more

Getting Rid of This Habit Can Help You Protect Kidney Function

We all know that smoking can cause pharyngitis, increase risk of cancer, and do harm to lung. But in fact, the harm of smoking is far from these, especially for those who suffer from chronic kidney more

Kidney Patients: 3 Mistakes Are the Root Causes of Aggravation

Kidney function reflects the development of patients illness condition. It also means the distance to uremia and even the length of life. Therefore, patients should pay attention to the protection of more

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