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ESRD Secondary to Diabetic Nephropathy: What to Do

I am diagnosed as end stage renal disease secondary to Diabetic Nephropathy, what to do? When seeing such a question, an answer occurs in your mind. It is to do dialysis or kidney transplant, but the more

How to Cure A Person with High Creatinine and Diabetes in A Natural Way

With diabetes, it is recommended for you to have regular checkups, because it can cause a lot of complications. How to cure a person with high creatinine and diabetes in a natural way? After reading more

Diabetic with 20% Kidney Function: Is There Any Other Way to Rejuvenate Kidneys

Question: I am a 61 years old diabetic with 20% kidney function; was told by the Dr. that I need to go on dialysis. My question is that will there be any other way to rejuvenate my kidneys? Answer: more

How to Fix Kidney Damage for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney failure. How to fix kidney damage for Diabetic Nephropathy patients? If you do not want to go into kidney failure quickly, you should start treatment early. more

Diabetes, Creatinine 3.3, eGFR 15: Can We Avoid Dialysis

Question: Hello, my mother is a kidney patient. Her creatinine is 3.3, eGFR is 15, and she is also a diabetic patient. She also has high blood pressure. Now her doctor suggests for dialysis, can we more

What Is The New Treatment Plan for Diabetic Nephropathy

I am glad to receive new treatment plan for diabetic nephropathy. This is an email from our Well then, what is the new treatment for diabetic nephropathy? 1. Common treatment more

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