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Will Dialysis Improve GFR

Dialysis is a kidney replacement treatment used by kidney failure patients. Will dialysis improve GFR? After reading this article, you will find out the answer. Dialysis decreases GFR. There are many more

When Should Kidney Failure Patients Start Dialysis

Dialysis is an artificial kidney to replace injured kidneys to perform part of renal function. Generally, when creatinine level is over 500umol/L, patients can not bear and dialysis is required. more

Dialysis: What Happens if It Does Not Work

If your kidneys stop working like they should do, you may have to start dialysis to save your life. But for some patients, their blood toxin concentration such as creatinine is still very high after more

What Causes Sudden Blood Pressure Drop During Dialysis

Low blood pressure is a common side effect of dialysis. About 25%-30% of patients have experienced it before. It can make you feel dizzy, sweating, nausea, vomiting, etc. In severe case, you may have more

Options Rather Than Dialysis

Due to various factors, more and more renal patients want to avoid dialysis. Are there options other than dialysis? Lets have a quick look. The most known treatment may be kidney transplant. Kidney more

Is Dialysis Purification of Blood

If your kidneys stop working like they should do, dialysis can help save your life. Is dialysis purification of blood? Dialysis is a kind of purification of blood. Dialysis is a treatment to filter more

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