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How Much Kidney Function Can You Survive Without Dialysis

How much kidney function can you survive without dialysis? In this article, you will find out the answer. First of all, lets see when you need to start dialysis. Generally speaking, when GFR is lower more

How Low Does Kidney Function Need to Be for Dialysis

For people with advanced kidney failure, dialysis can extend their life. How low does kidney function need to be for dialysis? In this article, you will get the answer. Generally speaking, you need more

Can Dialysis Remove Blood Ammonia

With kidney failure, it is common for you to have bad breath or metallic taste in mouth. This symptoms is closely associated with blood ammonia. Can dialysis remove blood ammonia? Read on to learn more

How Do You Calculate Dry Weight on Dialysis

Dry weight is your weight without the excess fluid that builds up between dialysis treatments. If you can not control it well, you may have a lot of discomfort during dialysis, such as low blood more

Can Dialysis Make A Kidney Healthy Again

Can dialysis make a kidney healthy again? Because of not knowing so much about kidney disease, not a few renal patients consult such a question. Here we have to tell you that dialysis is a kidney more

How to Improve Blood Cells in Dialysis Patients

Dialysis patients usually suffer from anemia, which means there are less blood cells in body. How to improve blood cells in dialysis patients? Read on to learn more information. Clinical manifestation more

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