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To Stay Away from Uremia, Please Take Medication “on Time”

Since getting kidney disease, patients usually have two problems in mind: 1. Can my disease develop into uremia or ESRD? How quickly is it? 2. Do I have to take medicine for lifetime? When can I stop more

What Treatment Is Done for Severely Low eGFR

eGFR measures how well your kidneys are functioning. What treatment is done for severely low eGFR? For different renal patients, they may have different treatment options. -Dialysis or kidney more

What Is the Best Remedy for Patients with 10% Kidney Function

Question: I have a kidney problem. I want to know what is the best remedy, for my kidney is working only 10%? Answer: 10% renal function means you are in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), the worst more

ESRD Patient Doesn’t Take Dialysis: What to Do

Being afraid the side effects of dialysis, many kidney patients do not want to start dialysis, even if they are in ESRD. What to do for ESRD patients if they do not take dialysis? Go on reading to more

What Are the Alternative Medicine for CKD Stage 5

Question: The doctor said that my mother has a CKD stage 5, because of her diabetes. But we are shock because her diabetes was not trace in early, we wasnt know that she has a diabetes. The doctor more

When Will I Need Dialysis with Stage 5 CKD

Just got diagnosed with stage 5 CKD, and was just learning more about it? When Ill need dialysis? Because in early stages of CKD, associated symptoms are not very obvious, so you may not detect the more

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