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ESRD—What Is End Stage Renal Disease and What Treatment Is Suitable

ESRD, full name is End Stage Renal Disease, is the last stage of CKD, the stage after kidney failure. In this stage, Dialysis and kidney transplant will be used in improving kidney condition and keep more

Why some patients develop into uremia within three years

Suffering from same disease but having different development. Recently, a patient with nephritis asked our doctor about why he developed into uremia within three years but another patients in his ward more

What is Uremia and Which Treatment Can Improve It

Uremia is a clinical syndrome that related to kidney disease, end stage renal disease. Advanced kidney disease will be called as uremia. Treatment for it is of very lack, which treatment can improve more

ESRD and Creatinine 10: Way to Avoid Dialysis

Question: Hi. My mother is on the end stage renal disease. Creatinine has crossed 10. She does not start dialysis yet. What is the way out? Answer: Creatinine 10 is particularly high, which means that more

Vomiting in ESRD: Natural Treatment Help You Release Without Side-Effect

End Stage Renal Disease, also called as End Stage Kidney Disease, occurs when kidney disease develops into a severe condition, normally, creatinine level higher than 700, and GFR less than 15%. In more

Treatment for ESRD Patients to Avoid Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

Once your kidney disease develops to end stage, your doctor will suggest you start dialysis or wait for kidney transplant. But not every patient wants those kidney replacement treatment. Is there more

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