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Creatinine 742: How to Avoid Dialysis

Question: Hello, my creatinine is 742. They recommend to make dialysis now. But I want some herbal first to lower my creatinine. Is there any recommendation to avoid dialysis? Answer: Your creatinine more

Can I Lower High Creatinine by Not Taking Any Medication

Can I lower high creatinine by not taking any medication? For some renal patients, they do not want to take any medicine, so they ask such a question. Here I have to tell you that CKD is not a cold. more

Creatinine 6.5 and Being Under Medication: What Would Be Next Stage

Question: Nice hearing from you. I need a clarification of my Brother in law. His Serum creatinine level by today is 6.5. He is under medication. What would be his next stage? Answer: Your brothers more

How to Decrease Creatinine Level of 9.2 Without Dialysis

Question: How to decrease creatinine level of 9.2? The patient has not yet undergone dialysis. Answer: Hello, glad to help you. This patients creatinine level is quite high. It indicates that his more

Can High Creatinine Level Come to Normal

Can high creatinine level come to normal? This question was put forward for many times by renal patients. We could understand your feeling that you want to get well soon, but this can not be more

How Long Can I Live with A 7 Creatinine Level

The higher your creatinine level, the more severe your kidney damage and the more risks you will run. That is why many patients worry about their life expectancy. How long can I live with a 7 more

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