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Treatment Apart from Surgery for Kidney Cysts

I have kidney cysts. Can you advise me of treatment apart from surgery? For some patients with simple kidney cyst or polycystic kidneys, they do not want to take invasive treatment to shrink cysts, so more

What Herbs or Traditional Medicines Can Shrink Kidney Cysts

If kidney cysts keep growing, they will become destructive to impair your renal function. What herbs or traditional medicines can shrink kidney cysts? Read on to learn more information. Many herbs can more

Natural Ways to Treat Kidney Cysts in Children

As parents, we wont hope our children suffer from any pain. When they get ill, we usually want to find out the best treatment for them at all costs. Here lets see the natural ways to treat kidney more

Can I Take Beer with Cortical Kidney Cysts Patients with Back Pain

It seems a worldwide habit to drink beer. There are so many doctors advice that wine will cause hurt to organs but there still some patients ask that weather it is available for kidney cysts patients more

How to Shrink Kidney Cysts in Polycystic Kidney Diseases with Natural Treatment

PKD will cause numerous kidney cysts grow and enlarge the renal size. It can also lead to kidney damage and worse patients condition. What should we do to prevent renal damage and shrink kidney cysts? more

How to Shrink Kidney Cysts in Polycystic Kidney Disease with Natural Treatment

What is polycystic kidney disease? Polycystic kidney disease (also called PKD) is a genetic disorder that causes numerous cysts to grow in the kidneys. What should we do to shrink kidney cysts in PKD? more

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