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How Long Can Someone Live with 13% Kidney Function

The less your renal function, the more risks you will run. That is why renal patients worry about their life expectancy. How long can someone live with 13% kidney function? Read on to learn more more

Can You Live Off of 17% of Your Kidneys

Kidneys are some of the most important organs in your body. When they no longer function well enough to their job, a series of symptoms and complications will appear and affect your life. Can you live more

Can You Live Long if Your Kidneys Are Failing

If you have a lot of renal failure patients, you may see some of them die of kidney failure. Then you may wonder whether you can live long if your kidneys are failing. This article will tell you the more

How Long After Kidney Failure Is Death

How long after kidney failure is death? If you worry your life expectancy to be shortened by kidney failure, the following information will help you solve this problem. Generally your lifespan is more

Is GFR of 42 Fatal

The lower your GFR, the less your renal function, and the more complications you will have. Is GFR of 42 fatal? Read on to find out the answer. GFR 42 means you are in stage 3. In such a stage, you more

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Person With 12% Kidney Function

Lifespan is the most concerned question by kidney patients. Today a patient consults us the life expectancy with 12% kidney function. How to prolong 12% kidney function? 1. Dialysis Dialysis is the more

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