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Treatment of Abdominal Distention from Kidney Failure

For some kidney failure patients, they often have abdominal distention, which causes a series of discomforts. In this article, lets see the treatment of abdominal distention from kidney failure. more

Acidosis for Kidney Failure Patients

It is no exaggeration to say that almost every patient with chronic renal failure is at risk of acidosis, which in severe cases can be life-threatening. Acidosis is commonly expressed by plasma more

Five Life-Threatening Complications of Kidney Failure

Simply kidney failure is not terrible, but the following 5 complications are life threatening. If you still want to lead a normal life, you should take preventatives as early as possible. 1. Heart more

Do Not Ignore These Indicators, They Can Help Delay Kidney Failure

To delay kidney failure, is lowering creatinine level and reducing proteinuria enough? No, you may have missed more critical indicators. 1. To lower blood pressure Hypertension can increase renal more

Can You Get An Upset Stomach with Kidney Failure

For renal failure patients, they often have a lot of symptoms and complications. Can you get an upset stomach with kidney failure? The answer is definite. Now go on reading to learn more information. more

What To Do for Restless Leg Syndrome for Dialysis Patients

My father has kidney failure. He is on dialysis. He struggles to sleep since he has restless leg syndrome. Medication is just making things worse instead of better. Can you help my father? Please. more

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