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How To Treat Gouty Nephropathy Effectively

Gewa is from Papua New Guinea and suffers from gouty nephropathy. And gout has led to uremia. In order to seek better treatment, he comes to our hospital-Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional more

Nephritis and High Creatinine Level 9.1, What Should Do to Lower It

Nephritis and High Creatinine level 9.1, the only effective one method is to use dialysis to lower creatinine level and prevent its progression. But, is there any other method to achieve that? Or, any more

Can You Recover My Kidney Without Dialysis

Are you sure without dialysis you can recover my kidneys? Yes, but I first need to know your condition in detail. What is your creatinine level? My creatinine point is 7.3mg/dL. Do you have dialysis more

How to Prevent Chronic Kidney Failure Through Correct Diet

Chronic Kidney Failure is a severe condition that has no cure. Patients in chronic kidney failure have to rely on dialysis to live normal life, but, for severe one, transplant will be needed. If more

How To Improve Ankle Swelling In CKF Stage 3

How to improve left ankle swelling in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF) when walking on standing? This is a question from our online patients. Many patients are bothered by frequent relapse of more

Treatment of Kidney Atrophy

Do you suffer from kidney atrophy? It means your kidneys are small in size. Without timely treatment, the shrunk kidneys will cause kidney failure. Is there any treatment to help you restore the more

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