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Lupus Nephritis: How to Get Proteinuria Under Control and Restore Kidneys

Question: Hello, my girlfriend has lupus. It is under control with immune suppressors. But it attacked her kidneys, she has about 30% renal capacity, and proteinuria in her urine. She already has a more

Can Lupus Make You Retain Water

Can lupus make you retain water? Water retention is a clinical manifestation of Lupus Nephritis. Therefore, once you have swelling on eyelid, face, hands, feet, ankle and so on, you should attach more

Proteinuria 2+ and Lupus: What Does It Imply

Question: What does it mean to have a protein of +2 in lab result? my niece has lupus. what does it imply? Answer: Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the bodys immune system becomes more

Alternative Medicine for Lupus Nephritis Patients to Lower Proteinuria

Question: I have Lupus Nephritis. What alternative medicine can I take or do to lower high levels of protein in my urine? Please help. Answer: Massive protein leakage is a common symptom of lupus more

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