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Why Does Swelling Relapse In Nephrotic Syndrome

Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients consult us that their swelling appears again once they stop the medicines. Why does swelling relapse? Is there any radical therapy for swelling? Mr Wang was diagnosed more

Fail in Reducing Protein in Urine in Nephrotic Syndrome? Maybe Blood Purification Can Help

Well, seriously? Blood purification can be used in treating nephrotic syndromes complication proteinuria?really? Actually, it is not to start dialysis. It is only using blood purification to improve more

Why Protein Urine Is Negative, But Edema Still Relapse

Kidney patients all know that edema will appear with protein in urine. But, they are puzzled why protein urine is negative and swelling still occurs sometimes. Actually, besides protein in urine, more

How to Negative Protein Urine 3+ in IgA Nephropathy with Natural Treatment

IgA nephropathy is a common disease in chronic kidney disease, not so danger as hypertensive or diabetic nephropathy, but also possible to develop into kidney failure stage if lack of controlling. more

Is Acthar Effective For Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome

Proteinuria is an obvious sign of Nephrotic Syndrome. And Acthar is a prescription medicine for the reduction of proteinuria. Well then, can Acthar treat proteinuria effectively? The root cause of more

Cure Protein Urine In Natural Treatment

Protein urine is a common sign in kidney diseases, it means kidney get damaged and can not keep protein from being reabsorbed by tubules. What can we do to cure protein urine? Can natural treatment more

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