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Is Ayurvedic Medicine Effective in Polycystic Kidney Disease

As a natural remedy, ayurvedic medicine becomes more and more popular in the world. Is ayurvedic medicine effective in polycystic kidney disease? Read on to learn more information. Ayurvedic medicine more

PKD, Kidney Function Declines from 40% to 18% in 18 Months: What to Do

Question: I need help for my son. He is 47 years old. He has PKD. He was at 40% kidney function when it was discovered 18 months ago. His kidney function is now at 18%. What to do? Answer: From your more

PKD, Creatinine 1.79 and GFR 44: What Does This Mean

Question: I have PKD and my blood results came back with creatinine level 1.79 and my GFR 44mL/min/1.73m2. What does this mean? Answer: PKD is genetic. Generally, patients with PKD will have high more

How to Treat PKD? There Are 4 Options

PKD is short for polycystic kidney disease, which is manifested as enlarged kidney cysts, renal pain, hematuria, high blood pressure, etc. Then how to treat PKD? Generally speaking, PKD treatment can more

PKD and Creatinine 8.2: Is It Possible to Improve Kidney Function With Medicine

Question: My brother has PKD and the creatinine level is 8.2. He doesnt want dialysis and wish to improve the kidney functioning with the help of medicines. Is it possible? Answer: Your brothers more

How Can PKD Be Reversed

My daughter is diagnosed with PKD. Please send information on PKD. How can it be reversed? Here we have to tell you that PKD can not be reversed, because no treatment can change the gene problems so more

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